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  • The audio edition of my Clarkesworld story "Iron Ladies, Iron Tigers" is up here. I knew Kate Baker would do a fabulous job because she always does but seriously. Also you should subscribe to their podcast if you haven't because that fabulousness is absolutely consistent.

  • I was able to get to sleep last night with minimum anxiousness. Which probably means the Zoloft is working. Yay! Of course, given the bipolar II diagnosis, Zoloft will almost certainly end up not being the right medication (it's likely to help the anxiety but increase the noisy brain). Less yay. Even so, I'm relieved to have at least a bit of a respite from some of the worst symptoms of the moment

  • I will probably have Line and Orbit cover art to share soon. Which is exciting.

  • I haven't said much about the whole Readercon harassment fiasco, but basically I'm not planning on going next year anymore, or possibly ever, and the whole thing is just really dismaying. And highlights how we need some serious changes in con culture in general. And Ann Leckie has some stuff to say to the people who are going AND THEN THE FEMINISTS CAME FOR OUR SEXYTIMES that's pretty awesome.

  • Publisher's Weekly reviewed Scheherazade's Facade. And liked it. Yay.

Now lunch.

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