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Dear lovely Yuletide Santa:

First I have to apologize for the delay in this letter - Life got crazy but also I'm a loser. Please forgive.

Now, as to my requests. In general: I want you to do what you want to do, because without fail I feel like that's where the best stuff comes from. I love to be surprised. I love unexpected twists on ideas, tropes, the familiar. I love stories that are subversive in some way, especially ones that directly subvert the source material. I love despair and dying worlds, contemplation in the face of cruel fate, defiant love, the ridiculous. I love absurdity. I love it when things just completely embrace how essentially fucked up they are.

I have no real triggers you should be aware of, aside from animal abuse. I don't tend to like cruelty for cruelty's sake, but I have no particular boundaries regarding violence. Or sex.

A little more detail:

Bioshock Infinite - I'm really open to whatever you want to do here. The world provides huge scope for play. I'd slightly prefer Booker and Elizabeth as primary characters, but you could have one or the other in isolation, and/or you can bring in whoever the hell you want (I don't feel like Daisy Fitzroy gets enough love). Prior to game, during game, after game: anything is fine.

Event Horizon - Don't feel obligated to do this, but two things that intrigue me especially are A) a story from the perspective of the ship itself, and B) what really happened in the Hell dimension, not so much in terms of the gruesome physical details but in terms of the psychology. What does that kind of madness look like from the inside? Or any combination of the two. OR ANYTHING

The Walking Dead - I'm fine with anything here as long as it's Clem-centric. Can be during the timeline of the two seasons, or it can be something set anywhere in the future. And if you wanted to intersect it with any other part of the franchise 'verse in any respect I think that would be awesome too. Just show me something I haven't seen, here, if you can.


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